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26 Sep 2017

Authors: Sy Asad Releases New Book Titled A Swan Among Ducks!

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07 Apr 2016

Premiere: Bedroom Eyes by GRLSKOUT

Sometimes it’s necessary to spend as long as you can on Soundcloud, because you might find a mix so good, that you won’t believe your ears. For me that happened last night. I was browsing for something different, something I don’t normally listen to very often, which is Deep House.

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24 Sep 2014

Cover Story: Problem

From his independent mainstream success, Problem has become quite the talk lately, as he begins releasing new music along with features surfacing on the new Mike Will album, ‘Ransom 2’. Problem kicked off 2017 giving his fans a new mixtape ‘Chachiville’ and one-stop online shop for videos, music, lyrics, merchandise and more on his website

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