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20 Dec 2017

George Zimmerman Threatens Jay-Z Over Series About Death Of Trayvon Martin

    As HuffPost reports, Zimmerman said the production team for the series “harassed” his family, and showed up to his parents’ house and uncle’s house unannounced to get them to participate in the show. He also claims, the crew trespassed, and that he will “beat Jay-Z” and “anyone who

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19 Dec 2017

[WATCH] Nu JerZey Devil Heats Things Up With Bad Chick! @nujerzeydevil

Nu JerZey Devil is not a new name in the hip hop game. Not only has he been Game’s DJ for countless years and produced for artists such as Lil Wayne and Neyo but the east coast native has been keeping his own hits coming. Today, Jerz returns with the

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19 Dec 2017

[Music] Hi-Tone “Big Cousin” @HiToneValenz

  Recognized as Billboard’s Artist On The Rise, Covina California based hip hop artist (and professional tattoo artist) Hi-Tone is poised to establish himself as a leading voice in contemporary rap for Mexican-Americans. His upcoming album, Price Of Admission is laced with poignant lyrical content and delves into how people

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19 Dec 2017

Phil Crown – Pick Up the Phone @CrownPhilip

  Pop artist on the rise Phil Crown isn’t necessarily a new face to the music scene; currently residing in Oakland, California, he has been producing behind the scenes for many notable artists over the last few years. Now, Phil is stepping into the spotlight and releasing his debut EP

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09 Dec 2017

Must See Movies: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    As announced today on The Star Wars Show, visit on December 9 at 5 p.m. PT for exclusive red carpet coverage, live from the world premiere of The Last Jedi in Los Angeles. The Star Wars Show‘s Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni will host the event, interviewing

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