03 May 2018

How Trade Shows Can Help Your Product Become Popular!

Many often wonder how to sell and how to pitch a product to the masses, it can definitely be a drag. Today we’re going to give a little bit of incite into the world of Trade Show marketing! Already have your product? Already have your marketing materials? Already have a

26 Apr 2018

The Voiz App Announces Rueben Wood as Brand Ambassador!

The tech industry has been booming lately with launch of new products and apps, but more specifically the apps! The Voiz App is a voice social media platform created to promote a better world while adding a personal and emotional element to interaction. Let’s be honest, your voice is the most

16 Apr 2018

Chatting With Kristopher Jones, Co-Founder of Special Guest App

Serial entrepreneur, investor, and best-selling author Kristopher Jones has had quite the success story. Having founded several companies and raising over $35 million of funding through his technology angel investment fund, KBJ Capital, Jones is a seasoned professional who excels at whatever he sets his mind to. We recently got

06 Mar 2018


Bowlero Corporation (formerly Bowlmor AMF), the worldwide leader in bowling entertainment, is excited to announce the launch of its “BeBowled: Shoe Design Challenge,” offering America’s aspiring designers and bowling’s biggest fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redesign the iconic bowling shoe. Bowling has come a long way over the last century

07 Feb 2018

Young and In Charge – Meet Shamim Munshi

Pick a random 24 year old from the street. Or pick two. You know what, gather as many 24 year olds you can and ask them about what they are doing with their lives. The answers will vary, but most of them will probably fall in one of these two

29 Dec 2017

Featured Business: Houston Mobile Henna @htxmobilehenna

Houston’s Black Owned Celebrity Henna Artist (HOUSTON MOBILE HENNA) is the sweeping craze around town. “God is the reason I even do henna!”, says Owner/Founder (Malyah The Henna Goddess). At only 22 years old she’s started one of the quickest moving henna businesses ever. Her art has been featured on

20 Nov 2017

Meet The Owner Of Taglife, Honey Marie!

Honey Marie is the founder and president of TAGLIFE. She is also a published Author/Poet, motivational speaker, and dance coach. Honey’s teen fiction series, “#TeamTrend vs. #TeamJC”, is currently on the market. Keisha has been a writer for over sixteen years. She started her writing career by creating small speeches

04 Oct 2017

Download ZongByte, The New App revolutionizing Music!

Be a Part of the Movement. #epic   Who listens to CD’s anymore? Handing out USB drives sounds modern but there’s just two issues with that: they’re easy to lose and No One walks around with a laptop. So if you’re a music artist that’s where ZongByte comes into play.