New York electro-R&B duo Tropic released the ShiShi remix of their debut single, “Breathe Again”, today. The remix features ShiShi’s signature hype-up sound, groovy breakdowns, kicking snare drums, trumpets, and a chill electronic breakdown like no other.

“ Our good friend and electronic powerhouse, ShiShi, jumps in and remixes our debut single, “Breathe Again”, breathing new life into one of the first songs we worked on together as a duo. ShiShi infuses our dark, funky
heartbeat with his own uplifting, jazzy touch, transforming a brooding breakup song into an uplifting, soulful anthem.

We’re so excited to be collaborating with such an awesome musician and to be sharing a collaboration that has come together as natural as when we started working together two years ago. Watch this space, there’s definitely more to come! ”

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