With their debut release, “We Are Givn”, this three-piece group consisting of Aaron Chase (drums), Sean Kerns (guitar) and Colin McGough (bass) combines forces to produce a full sound with well blended harmonies, lyrics that inspire and music that takes you on a journey. Each song resonates in such a way that, although its new, it feels so familiar.

From the upbeat track “Dig” about pressing in and pressing on, to “Shine” a melodic tune about letting your light shine in a decaying world, you will be moved. An equally popular ballad “Beyond” addresses the grief and acceptance of losing a loved one and feels almost like a massage to the heart, with music and lyrics that evoke both pain and comfort. If anything, you will be moved both emotionally and musically.

As a matter of fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wondering how you did without this band for so long.

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