What drew you to the music industry?  Simply the love of music, the adoration I had for artists I admired growing up and the musicians that inspired me as an adult.   

▪ Who are you inspired by? Inspiration for me has come from many artists, genres and era’s. Mostly rock acts but some blues, funk and soul to a smaller degree. It varies on what mood I’m in and what life experiences I am going through at the time, it’s an emotive thing. But if I had to name a few I’d say frontmen like Scott Weiland, David Bowie and Josh Homme. Lately I’ve been listening to The Dose who are a two piece grunge throwback.

▪ Please explain your creative process. Sometimes a melody just comes to me in my head and I would expand on that idea, it may be a riff, a bass line or lyrics, other times I am just experimenting on the guitar and I will like something I play and then explore that some more. I usually find it works best for me if I come up with a guitar part first, especially if it’s a decent sounding riff, I find writing the lyrics and vocal melodies easier than coming up with original sounding guitar parts. I tend to have a formula of sorts but it’s not usually just your standard 4 * 4 timing.

▪ What’s an average day like for you? Well I’m not a performing musician and have a day job so to speak, so I usually get up go to work and then make time (most days) to dedicate some time to my music. Lately I have been spending time researching on social media as this seems such an integral part of the music industry.

▪ How did you come up with the concept for your recent single “Cut”? Where can fans find your music?

The concept was based around pain that you cannot escape from and it has become a prison, whether that be prison that is emotional, physical or both. We all experience pain at some time in our lives and how do you deal with that pain? CUT was for about the feeling of never being free of it.

Links you can find me online at are 


▪ Do you collaborate with others? What is that process? The tracks are from a solo project so were all  written and arranged by myself over a period of time and the bones of the song are done, in saying that… it still is very much a collaborative process, I had creative control over these songs I suppose you can say, but all the drumming tracks were played by Steve Pope: a fantastic session drummer and all around nice guy who lives in Victoria, you can find him at stevepope.com.au/ while the talented James North produced and played bass guitar and guitar parts (that weren’t played by myself) as well as keys, check him out here jamesnorth.productions/ and you will find him in Brisbane. The process basically involved me taking the songs I write into the studio, 99% of the time the song is complete: what I mean by that I have already worked out what key the song will be in, the tempo, lyrics, chords progressions and timing of the song, at which I would usually lay guitar with a click track and sing a rough demo of the song as a guide, from this point Steve (caffeinated) would play what feel right for him based on what he thinks suits the song and what he thinks I will like stylistically, James would then play the bass guitar parts and the song builds from there, once that is done I would receive and rough mix of the track ready for vocals.

▪ Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans. I am new to using social media for self-promotion so am starting to involve myself in the process, it seems to be a very important part of the musical journey for a new emerging artist. If someone wants to interact with me online, it is a such a great experience connecting with someone through your music so I will endeavour to reply and interact with anyone who takes the time to reach out.

▪ What is your favourite part about this line of work? Your least favourite? Why? There are two favourite parts of creating music that I don’t think I could choose between, the first would be the when you have been working on ideas for a song and you feel it is finished being written, the feeling of completing a song ready to record that you think is worthy of recording is a proud moment. The second is when I get the mix back after the recording sessions and the recording has encapsulated the emotion and energy of the song in the studio, you have that moment captured. Least favourite would have to be touting myself on social media.

▪ What are you currently working on? New writing new music is on the back burner as I’m more focused on the upcoming digital releases of further tracks, I am in discussion with a few people for the production of a number of lyric videos and  an animated clip.

▪ How is your music/sound different/unique from everything that’s going on now? I don’t think my music is unique, other than being original songs. I think I am emulating a style and mood which is not really the in thing at the moment, the songs have a post 90’s vibe to them as this is an era that I’ve really been drawn to and I can personally identify with the artists from that time.

▪ What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps? Don’t do it! Ha Ha, no seriously from my experience if you don’t play an instrument start learning as soon as possible, practice it regularly and meet people to jam with, also start writing songs if you don’t already, if you aren’t confident at writing well just do it anyway, over time your ability will improve. If you are already doing those things just keep doing it, make the time in your life for it if it’s important to you.

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